BOOKS: The New Complete Guide To Environmental Careers

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1993:

The New Complete Guide To Environmental Careers, by the
Environmental Careers Organization. Island Press (1718 Connecticut Ave.
NW, Suite 300, Washington DC 20009), 1993, 364 pages, paper $15.95. [ISBN 1-
Aside from health care, environ-
mental concern will create more employ-
ment opportunities in the near future than
any other service sector of the economy,
according to many career counselors. This
guide––completely updated–– offers an
introduction to the myriad possibilities.

Each chapter begins with educa-
tional or training requirements to cover a
wide range of reader interests. It also
details salaries and other expectations for
each career choice. Advice is always hon-
est, whether the authors are discussing the
job description of a park ranger (“heavy
job responsibilities coupled with mediocre
pay”) or getting started as an environmen-
tal journalist (“Get published. Do not wait
to be paid.”) Each chapter also includes
case studies and interviews with profes-
sionals working in the field.
This guide would be an invalu-
able tool for anyone contemplating a career
change, for students planning their future
or, especially, for educators, who will
appreciate the extensive lists of resources
accompanying the text.
––Cathy Young Czapla
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