From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 1993:

A frequent target of animal
rights protesters for keeping marine mam-
mals in captivity, Marine World/Africa
USA is also under fire from the California
Fur Industry Inc. for describing the near-
annihilation of wild serval cats by the fur
trade during educational presentations at the
amusement park’s Wildlife Theatre.
“Fur trade officials are now
receiving Indian Affairs funds, which
should be going to First Nations,” the
Aboriginal Trappers Federation of Canada
charged in a public statement at the recent
North American Fur and Fashion Exposition
in Montreal. The statement referred to the
allocation of funds from Indian and Northern
Affairs Canada to the Wildfur Council of
North America, a pro-trapping group with
little Native American representation.

The Fur Information Council of
America intends to place 22 generic full
color pro-fur ads in national media this win-
ter. A third of the funding will come from
Saga Furs of Scandinavia.
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