From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 1993:

Lucinda Randolph Benjamin of the 4-H Club
and Margaret Barker of the Cornell Laboratory of
Ornithology are coordinating a study of inner city pigeon
life, funded by the National Science Foundation and actu-
ally carried out by 15 young residents of the Bedford-
Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York. The partici-
pants, ages 9-14, are to closely observe the pigeons in
their neighborhood, documenting everything the birds do.
Carol Stevenson, principal of the Ladera del
Norte Elementary School in Farmington, New Mexico,
rewarded a class of 23 second graders for reading 7,000
pages of library books during May by eating six live worms
in front of them. The geek show was apparently the chil-
dren’s idea, inspired by one of the books they read.
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