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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 1993:

Soon after Hurricane Andrew, the Miami Metro Zoo
mailed nearly a million appeals for emergency aid to members of ani-
mal protection groups and to subscribers to magazines about animals.
Zoological Society of Florida deputy director Cynthia Zeigler told
The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently that 27,675 people responded
within the first six months, donating $484,000––results so impres-
sive that TCPgave the story a full-page spread.
Organizing to obstruct attempts by the Shedd Aquarium
in Chicago to capture three Pacific white-sided dolphins off Santa
Catalina Island, California, the Whale Rescue Team claims to have
commitments for participation from the owners of 40 boats and two
aircraft. “The flotilla will use all nonviolent means necessary to pre-
vent the capture,” says Whale Rescue Team founder Peter

Mark Killman, owner of the Killman Zoo in Caledonia,
Ontario, has formed an anti-animal rights lobby called Partners With
Animals, modeled after an older group called Partners In Research.
First target: Bill 162, a pending measure to set standards for private
zoos and regulate possession of exotic animals. Founded in 1988,
Killman’s 150-animal roadside zoo was identified a year later by
Zoocheck as one of the worst-maintained in the province.
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