From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1993:

Physicians for Human Rights on February 6 asked the American Medical
Association to lead a probe of how German medical doctor Hans Joachim Sewering, 76,
became president elect of the World Medical Association. Sewering,a member of the Nazi SS
from 1933 until 1945, is accused of complicity in sending 203 people, including children, to
their deaths at Eglfing-Haar, a
euthanasia site for the disabled.
Ironically, the WMA was formed in
1947 in response to Nazi medical

An audit by the
Department of Veterans Affairs
has reported that human subjects of
drug testing were “unnecessarily
placed at risk” from January 1987
through March 1991 at the New
Orleans Veterans Administration
Medical Center, due to poor super-
vision. Sixty-six inpatients and 75
outpatients may have participated in
the experiments without their con-
An unidentified 62-year-
old man who on January 10
received the world’s second baboon-
to-human liver transplant died of an
infection February 5 at the
University of Pittsburgh Medical
Center. Dr. Maureen Martin of the
Pittsburgh transplant team has
meanwhile joined the University of
Iowa medical faculty, where she
heads a team investigating the possi-
bility of growing human-like organs
in transgenic hogs for eventual
transplant into humans,
The U.S. Patent Office on
December 29 issued patents on
genetically altered mice to Harvard,
GenPharm International, and Ohio
University––the first patents on new
life forms granted since 1988.
The USDA is reportedly
considering adopting a “pain scale”
to measure animal suffering during
experiments. The scale would
replace the present definitions of
“no pain,” “relieved pain,” and
“unrelieved pain.”
The American Anti-
Vivisection Society will host its
third annual vivisection seminar
May 15-16 in Pottstown,
Pennsylvania. Registration is $85
until March 31, $100 later. Get
details from Zoe Weil, AAVS, 801
Old York Road, #204, Jenkintown,
PA 19046-1685; 215-887-0816.
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