Salvation Army denies link to Sportsmen Against Hunger

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1993:

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia ––
Trying to boost the image of hunting,
Sportsmen Against Hunger again this winter
urged hunters to donate kills to soup kitchens,
prominently mentioning the Salvation Army.
But Salvation Army national com-
munications director Colonel Leon R. Ferraez
reiterated February 4 that “The Salvation
Army does not have an agreement with
Sportsmen Against Hunger. The organiza-
tion has misrepresented that fact a number of
times. “Sportsmen Against Hunger has
assured us they are not using the name of the
Salvation Army, but we continue to receive
reports that they do use our name, then deny
it later. We have tried to overcome this prob-
lem for a number of years,” he added,
“including with the threat of legal action.”
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