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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1993:

Fire chief John Dugan, of Wellsboro,
Pennsylvania, credited a cat named Puff for saving the
lives of Charles and Sandra Bergenstock on January 18
by waking them up and alerting them to thick smoke.
“There’s no question about it,” Dugan said. “They had
no smoke detectors.”
SEPTA, the Philadelphia public transitsys-
tem, on February 4 suspended the use of dogs to evict
homeless people from subway passages––one day after
city council member Jannie Blackwell was allegedly
roughed up by transit police while investigating allega-
tions that dogs were being used to attack the homeless.
Sue Turkington, 32, of Austin, Texas, told
reporters she plans to use some of the $7.2 million she
won in the January 15 Texas lottery to “start breeding

Shar-Pei dogs competed at the Westminster
Kennel Club show in New York for the first time in
February. There are now nearly 90,000 Shar-Peis in the
U.S., bred from just eight who were imported from
Hong Kong circa 1974. The breed was formally recog-
nized by the American Kennel Club last August.
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