Books In Brief

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1993:

Care of Reptiles and Amphibians in
Captivity, by Chris Mattison. 1992. 317 pages,
paperback. $17.95 ($23.95 Canadian). Blandford, distrib
uted by Sterling Publishing Co., 387 Park Ave. South, New
York, NY 10016-8810. If you run an animal shelter,
inspect pet stores, rehabilitate wildlife, or answer nuisance
animal complaints, you’re going to need this reference. You
may never pick it up until you find an unidentified lizard in
your overnight dropoff box, or get a call about a python in
a chimney. Then it’ll be a lifesaver, for you and the reptile.

Fold Your Own Dinosaurs, by Campbell Morris.
1993. 48 pages. $7.95, paperback. Perigee Books, c/o
Putnam Publishing Group, 200 Madison Ave., New York,
NY 10016. Folding paper dinosaurs doesn’t normally get a
high priority here, but this was an immediate hit with Wolf,
age two and a half, and he isn’t even old enough to make
any of the dinosaurs yet!
Into The Blue, by Virginia McKenna. 1993. 144
pages, $30 U.S. ($40 Canadian), hardback. Harper
Collins Publishers, 1000 Keystone Industrial Park,
Scranton, PA 18512-4621. Lavishly and lovingly illustrat-
ed, Into The Blue will be acceptable on any coffee table or
in any library collection, but nonetheless makes an emphat-
ic case against dragging dolphins in from the wild to be
held as performing captives at glorified amusement parks.
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