Dogs And Cats

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1992:

President elect Bill Clinton’s first clash with the
White House press corps came November 18, before he
even got to the White House, when he ordered photogra-
phers to stop harassing his daughter’s altered tomcat,
Socks, outside the Arkansas governor’s mansion.
New York restauranteur Laura Maioglio
imported $2,500 worth of white truffles from Italy and
buried them in her restaurants’ garden November 23, to
allow Princess Diana of Britain to show off the skills of her
pet truffle-hunting terrier. The dog found the truffles, all
right––and ate them before a handler could get them away.
The County Prosecutor in Middlesex, New
Jersey, has barred use of police dogs in crowd control
situations. The city faces legal action in connection with a
biting incident in such a situation, and the trained dogs are
considered too valuable to risk exposing to injury.
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