BOOKS: Cows Are Vegetarians: a book for vegetarian kids

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1992:

Cows Are Vegetarians: a book for vegetarian
kids. By Ann Bradley with illustrations by Elise
H u ffman. Healthways Press (P.O. Box 1945, Aptos,
CA 95001). 1992. 20 pages. $9.95 paper.
While the title is a bit of a non sequitur, Cows Are
Vegetarians joyously affirms the vegetarian choice for young
children. It provides them with reassuring facts about nutri-
tion and describes in some detail the environmental benefits
of vegetarianism for rainforest habitats and ultimately, the

Well-meaning friends, relatives, and others all too
often question the validity of a meatless diet for children.
Besides offering sources for more nutrition information,
Cows Are Vegetarians encourages a positive response to
such situations. Ann Bradley suggests the child should offer
relatives “a big hug. You see…they are showing how much
they care for you.” At that point the child can explain basic
health facts without being confrontational.
Above all this book encourages children to cele-
brate their awareness of all life. Quotes from Albert
Schweitzer and Chief Seattle reinforce this message. The
beautifully executed black-and-white drawings on recycled
paper add greatly to the artistic and environmental integrity
of this fine though very slender volume.
––Cathy Young Czapla
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