BOOKS: A Cat’s Life: Dulcy’s Story

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1992:

A Cat’s Life: Dulcy’s Story. As given to Dee
Ready. Crown Books (3300 75th Ave., Landover,
MD 20785-1599). 1992. 90 pages. $12.00 cloth.
Would you knowingly give a friend on your
Christmas list an hour of lump-throated, balled-Kleenex
weeping, wailing, sniffling? Sure you would, for an
excuse to buy A Cat’s Life, you loved the funny misery so
much. (Just like having a cat and losing her.)
Author Anna Dolores Ready knows us, from the
foolishly-fond new cat-parent, captivated companion, anx-
iously loving nurse to finally bereft, undone, unhinged,
alone, and ready to sneak down to the humane society,
“just looking,” and start all over again.

Dulcy Cat’s charms and tolerance of all her mis-
tress’ human foibles and flaws, her gratitude and decency,
explain (almost) our daftness in giving our hearts to fragile
felines we know we will outlive. Ms. Ready’s knowledge
of cat games may polish your savoir-feline. Judy King’s
black-and-white drawings illustrate sweetly and sentimen-
tally, and the cover is as Christmassy as a pomander ball
tied with red ribbon and holly. A bittersweet ending closes
this tribute to a good cat. You’ll think your cat helped write
the book.
––Phyllis Clifton
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