Religion & Animals

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1992:

The Rev. Andrew Linzey has been
appointed to the first-ever chair for the study
of animal welfare at Oxford University. The
International Fund for Animal Welfare invest-
ed approximately $500,000 to establish the
chair for a five-year period. Linzey, an
Anglican, was formerly chaplain and director
of studies at the University of Essex Center for
the Study of Theology. He left that post in
mid-1992, shortly after refusing to conduct
services while university staff were killing
“nuisance” rabbits outside the chapel. Linzey
is author of numerous books, including
Christianity and the Rights of Animals
(Crossroad, 1987).

Ann Cottrell Free recently intro-
duced parishioners of St. Bartholmew’s Church
in New York City to the lives and work of the
late Albert Schweitzer and Rachel Carson,
who helped lay the moral foundations of the
animal protection and environmental move-
ments. Free’s text, Since Silent Spring, is
available at $3.00 per copy from the Flying
Fox Press, 4204 49th St. N.W., Washington,
D.C. 20016.
San Francisco has followed
Hialeah, Florida, in adopting a city ordinance
against animal sacrifice. “We’re now awaiting
a U.S. Supreme Court ruling to see if it will
hold up,” said San Francisco Dept. of Animal
Control deputy director Ken White.
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