From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1992:

Fur Free Friday is November
27—the day after Thanksgiving, the tradi-
tional start of the peak fur sales season. Get
details on demonstrations in your region
from either Friends of Animals at 212-247-
8120, or Animal Rights Mobilization at
The Fur Council of Canada
announced a $1 million publicity blitz on
October 20, aimed at reviving the strug-
gling Canadian retail fur market––one of
the last markets left to the Canadian fur
industry, following the collapse of fur sales
in Europe and the U.S. The campaign
argues that furs are reuseable and
biodegradable, and that the fur trade is an
essential part of controlling animal popula-
tions––which contradicts earlier industry
claims that the majority of animals killed
for fur are ranched especially for the pur-

Barbara Bonsignore of the New
Hampshire Animal Rights League again
offers an information kit to fellow anti-fur
campaigners, free upon receipt of a large
SASE. Write her at 8 Hutchins St.,
Concord, NH 03301.
Protest the inclusion of fur in the
current Victoria’s Secret catalog (p, 68) c/o
P.O. Box 16589, Columbus, OH 43216-
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