Dogs And Cats

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1992:

Starting in January and incorporated just
last July under the name Every Creature Counts, Lisa
Booker, Pat Peluso, and Joy Skow of Lyons, Colorado,
had rescued an estimated 400 cats among them by the end
of September, picking up strays and ferals from Loveland
to Denver. They practice a combination of neuter/release
and pick-up-for-adoption,
Eighteen of 38 cats whose pictures are on cat-
food boxes or cans in the supermarket closest to ANI-
MAL PEOPLE are orange toms.

Lauren Thain, seven, of Philadelphia, insist-
ed that her parents do something for Sara, a four-year-old
Samoyed mix she saw sitting and growling at a stone
retaining wall. Eventually they fetched Brian Myers of
the Women’s Humane Society, who looked behind the
wall and discovered the dog’s master, 61-year-old Donald
Strickland, clinging to a branch in the Schuykill River.
Dogbite statistics kept by the Centers for
Disease Control indicate that the number of fatal maul-
ings in the U.S. ranges from 13 to 24 per year––but the
species involved tend to change with fashion. In 1987,
pit bull terriers caused 82% of the bites, but in 1991 the
majority of attacks were made by huskies, malamutes,
chows, rottweilers, and wolf hybrids.
Cheri and Clem Bergenthal of Metairie,
Louisiana, have allowed their cat to become pregnant
three times since she gave birth to a two-headed kitten
last year whose remains attracted an offer of $2,000 from
Ripley’s Believe it or Not.
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