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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1992:

Medical evidence is growing
that iron-rich red meat contributes at
much to heart disease as cholesterol.
“Avoiding meat may be prudent,”
Newsweek medical reporters Geoffrey
Cowley and Mary Hager concluded after
reviewing recent studies on the topic in the
September 21 issue.
Trans-fatty acids that increase
the harmful effects of cholesterol com-
monly result from cooking with solid or
semi-solid margarines and shortenings,
suggests a new USDA study whose pre-
liminary findings were made public
October 7. Avoiding cholesterol is still a
good idea, but so is avoiding partially
hydrogenated vegetable oils if you are in a
high-risk bracket for heart disease. Use
whole oils instead––”The softer, the bet-
ter,” as Marian Burros puts it.

The American Cancer Society
reported October 6 that people who eat
lots of fruit, grain, and vegetables rela-
tive to other foods have only a third to a
have the risk of developing colon cancer,
the second most prevalent form of cancer.
(Lung cancer ra nks first.)
The International Jewish
Vegetarian Society has opened a center
in Jerusalem. Organized by Philip Pick in
1964 to educate Jews about vegetarian
teachings in the Torah, the group is head-
quartered in London. For further informa-
tion, write Richard Schwartz, 263
Warwick Ave., Staten Island, NY 10314.
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