From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1992:

Israel on September 10
banned six British women from giving
birth in the Red Sea at a dolphin sanctu-
ary, under supervision of obstetrician
Gowri Motha. Motha told reporters she
wanted to see whether the dolphins
could communicate with the fetuses
through ultrasonic waves. “We hope to
make these children more in tune with
nature,” she said. Israeli authorities
believed the experiment might jeopar-
dize the survival of the newborns.

Ramona Clark, 11, of
Milford, Nebraska, recently formed her
own low cost spay/neuter program by
persuading a local veterinarian to alter
female cats she refers to him for $20 and
males for $10. At last report, the pro-
gram was a success––with a start-up
budget of just $200.
The newly published sixth
volume of Humane Innovations and
Alternatives, the journal of Psychol-
ogists for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals, emphasizes discussion of ani-
mal use in education. Copies are $15,
c/o Emmanuel Bernstein, Glenwood
Road, Saranac Road, New York, NY
Kindergarten teacher Kath-
leen Ryan of Scio Central School in
Scio, New York, has been named 1992
Teacher of the Year by the Natl. Assn.
for Humane and Environmental
Education. According to the press
release, “Ms. Ryan’s concern for the
welfare of both children and animals
prompts her to avoid bringing animals
into her classroom. She encourages stu-
dents instead to care for and observe
their own or a neighbor’s pet and to
watch wild animals such as insects,
birds, and squirrels.”
Carol Vineberg of Meadow
Elementary School in Baldwin, N.Y.,
has been named Humane Teacher of the
Year by Pioneers for Animal Welfare,
an all-volunteer humane education
group funded by New York state. The
group did 60 humane education presen-
tations in public schools during the
1991-1992 school year.
Respondents to Kidscall,
“the news survey for kids” published by
USA Weekend, during the weekend of
Sept. 26-27 voted 4,800 to 200 (96% to
4%) against the use of animals in bio-
medical research.
Veterinarian Sirel Reele, 50,
and his wife Sondra, 46, of Jackson
Township, Pa., were sentenced Oct. 5
to serve three weeks in the Ocean
County jail for forcing two boys they
were trying to adopt to spend three days
apiece in a dog kennel. The Reeles’
application to adopt the two boys and
their sister was vacated. The Reeles
said they would appeal.
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