Animal Health

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1992:

The Centers for Disease
Control revealed October 8 that a 31-
year-old man from Tucson, Arizona, had
become the first human plague fatality in
the U.S. since 1987. The man, who was
not further identified, became infected
when he breathed the same air as a dis-
eased cat he rescued from a crawl space
under a house in Chaffee County,
Colorado, on August 19. He fell ill on
August 21, was hospitalized August 25,
and died August 26, still undiagnosed.
The cat, who also died, apparently got
the plague from a flea-infested chipmunk.

Founded in 1977, the North
American Veterinary Technicians
Association seeks to maintain and
advance professional standards for vet-
techs. For details, write to P.O. Box 224,
Battle Ground, IN 47920.
Deprenyl Animal Health Inc.
of Overland, Kansas, has patented a
treatment for senile dementia in dogs,
modeled after a treament used to fight
Parkinson’s Disease in humans.
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