Horse notes…

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1992:

Horse racing, banned for nearly
60 years, may be revived in China.
Racing dates have recently been held in
Canton, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing,
drawing crowds of up to 3,000. Parimutual
betting is not yet legal, but is likely to be
legalized in the near future. Since gambling
is historically as popular in China as baseball
in the U.S., this may become the impetus to
make racing take off..

The Jefferson Downs race track
near New Orleans is tentatively scheduled
to close permanently on November 22
because of revenue losses caused by a new
state law that redirected off-track betting
income from track management to jockeys,
horse owners, and trainers.
Horse Rescue Network News,
emphasizing how-to, is $35/12 issues from
Horses Northwest, P.O. Box 836, Sultan,
WA 98294. The high price is because the
publication helps support a regional horse
rescue program.
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