Editorials: Welcome to ANIMAL PEOPLE!

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1992:

With your substantial help and patience, we’re here, just six weeks after offi-
cial incorporation, ten weeks after announcing our intent to publish.
At that, we’re a week later than we’d hoped to be. Vital equipment failed and
had to be replaced on warranty; learning to use new software took longer than expect-
ed; the delay meant we had a lot more news to write up; and we can’t yet afford the
second Mac system we’ll need to avoid pre-deadline bottlenecks.
We’re paying no salaries so far. Although we could easily distribute 100,000
copies if we could afford to have that many printed and sent to distribution points, our
initial press run is a fraction of that size; we’ll get there when we can. Because our
start-up capital consisted of only good credit and a contribution from our first sub-
scriber, Mary Melville, we’ve had to contact other potential subscribers in small incre-
ments, a circumstance offset by your overwhelmingly positive response. In fact,
you’ve given us a rate of return on subscription appeals that direct mail marketing
experts swear is impossible.

Our next few issues may also be slightly late, as we progress through our
shakedown period. By March, after we take a brief break, we hope to be firmly on
schedule. Please bear with us. Write us lots of interesting letters. Let us know how
we’re doing. Keep the clippings and tips coming about whatever’s happening in your
community that we ought to cover. Advertise if you’ve a product or service of interest
to our readers. Tell your friends about us. If you belong to an organization whose
members might be interested, work at an animal shelter or veterinary office, or have a
retail store, ask us for a bundle of free sample copies.
And if you haven’t subscribed already, by all means do! Your subscriptions
and generous donations make ANIMAL PEOPLE possible.
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