Dog Care Field Manual

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  July-August 2013:

The Dog Care Field Manual: How to care for mangy run-down dogs in 2nd and 3rd world countries  (and in developed countries,  too) by Harrell Graham 46-page free download from this location.

The Dog Care Field Manual,  by Harrell Graham,  covers wound treatment;  treatment of both internal parasites such as worms and external parasites such as mange;  emergency response to poisoning;  and avoidance of rabies.  Each topic is reviewed in depth and detail,  recommending crisis care that almost anyone can give when the nearest veterinarian is many miles and hours away.   Read more

BOOKS—Led Astray: Reforming New York City’s Animal Care & Control

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

Led Astray:  Reforming New York City’s Animal Care & Control by Scott M. Stringer,  Manhattan Borough President  (lead researcher/writer Shaan Khan),  January 2013 Free download from:

Led Astray is the latest of many evaluations and exposés of alleged deficiencies within the New York City Center for Animal Care & Control,  originally known as the CACC,  now abbreviated AC&C.

Twenty years after AC&C was formed on short notice to take over the New York City animal control contract,  held for the preceding 100 years by the American SPCA,  the city rate of shelter killing has fallen from about six animals per 1,000 residents,  which would still be very low today,  compared to the national rate of 9.7,  to 0.82.  This is the best record of any major U.S. city,   bar none,  even factoring in that New York City residents keep about half as many pets as the U.S. national average.   Read more

BOOKS: The Secret Life of Dog Catchers

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

The Secret Life of Dog Catchers: An animal control officer’s passion to make a difference by Shirley Zindler 2270 Gravenstein Highway South,  Sebastopol,  CA  95472 250 pages,  paperback.  $18.00.

One New Year’s Day,  rain flooded Rohnert Park,  California.  The county animal shelter was closed,  but Sonoma County animal control officer Shirley Zindler worked emergency calls.  “Muddy, rapidly rising water swirled and eddied around the small sandbar where the old dog lay,”  recalls Zindler in The Secret Life of Dog Catchers.  The senior dog, wet and cold, had obviously struggled to pull herself onto a dry sliver of land as the raging creek almost swallowed her up.  Sizing up the precarious situation,  Zinder realized there was a nearby fire station.  Within minutes four firefighters arrived in a truck and pulled the dog to safety. Read more

After shooting street dogs, Malaysia massacres long tailed macaques

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  April 2013:

PETALING JAYA,  Malaysia––Malaysian natural resources and environment minister Douglas Uggah “has ordered an immediate investigation by a team from his ministry into the alleged inhumane massacre of wild monkeys by its contractors,”  Michelle Chun of the Sun Daily reported on March 29,  2013. Read more

Veterinarian comments about dog licensing, pit bulls, & street dog parasites

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  April 2013:

Your January/February 2013 editorial “Pi,  Dorothy,  and the qualities of humane leadership” gave me stuff to ponder that I hadn’t seriously considered before,  such as the emphasis on adopting one’s way out of shelter euthanasias versus the likely better bang for the buck approach of focusing even more than currently on spaying and castrating. Read more

Chicago hunting radio show host blames feral cats for decline of bobwhite quail

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  March 2013:

CHICAGO––Feral cat neuter/return advocates are apprehensive of an ongoing study of the ecological effects of feral cats,  funded by the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation,  after foundation president and WGN radio hunting program host Charlie Potter blamed feral cats for a continent-wide decline of bobwhite quail. Read more

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