From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1992:

* Representatives of about 50 animal
protection and child protectionorganiza-
tions met September 14 and 15 in Washington
D.C. under the auspices of the American
Humane Association to discuss common prob-
lems and opportunities to seek solutions
together. We were there; watch for a full
report in the November issue of ANIMAL
* “Until recently,” charges the current
edition of the newsletter Notes From The
Green World, “the image of the abandoned
Latin American child was of a ragged child
sleeping in a doorway. Today the image is of
a body, lacerated and dumped in a city slum,”
especially in Brazil, where death squads hired
by local merchants torture and exterminate
suspected thieves with perhaps more impunity
than if they shot stray dogs. Editor Walter
Miale cites extensive documentation of his
charges, including by Amnesty International.

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