Letters [Dec. 1992]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1992:

Who Pays for FoA Spay/Neuter?
In your October and November
issues, you mentioned that Friends of
Animals has underwritten lowcost spaying
and neutering. As one of the veterinarians
whose practice participates in the FoA pro-
gram, I can tell you that the people who
“underwrite” this program are the veterinar-
ians who accept the imposed rate for the
surgery. FoA collects the money, issues
the certificates, and keeps $9 of the total
fee for this service. For example, they col-
lect $39 for a cat spay, then pay us $30.
Our regular rate is $51, so we underwrite
the discount by accepting $21 less for the
surgery. At one time FoA endeavored to
force participating veterinarians to include
DHL, parvo, and psuedoleukemia vaccina-
tions at no additional charge, but backed
off this demand when, I suspect, partici-
pating veterinarians fled the program.
––Joanne V. Baldwin, DVM,
Richmond, Virginia

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Letters [Oct. 1992]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1992:

I am feeling sad and sick about what
is done to helpless animals. After receiving
photos of torture for almost two years from
PETA, Greenpeace, In Defense of Animals,
et al, I feel I just can’t stand it. Is this normal?
I have saved 10 kitties and my neighbors
always have my cats in their yard. I spend lots
of time saying “I’m sorry.” I wish I could
have more, but I look like some nutty cat lady.
Anyway, back to my question: how do I stop
feeling bad?
—Alexandra Robertson, Rocklin,

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