Shipping live calves from Hawaii is twice as big a trade as shipping pigs to Hawaii

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  October 2011:

HONOLULU–The Hawaiian live calf export trade may have become the world’s largest seagoing trade in calves almost without notice. Though most of the calves move through U.S. and Canadian west coast container ports almost under the windows of major animal advocacy groups,  there appears to have never been an undercover investigation of the trade,  never a protest,  never a lawsuit,  and never a mailing. Read more

Why shipping live pigs to Hawaii did not end with the ancient Polynesians & Captain Cook

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  October 2011:

–Five years of advocacy appears to have ended most of the retail end of the live pig trade to Hawaii.
Now comes the hard part:  ending the wholesale trade to hotels and restaurants that cater to tourists who visit Hawaii from all over the world,  but are usually there for just a few days out of a lifetime.  Hotel and restaurant demand accounted for more than 80% of live pig imports at the peak of the trade,  and with the retail trade shrinking,  may account for almost all of it now. Read more

Australia halts “six month” suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia after 30 days

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2011:
CANBERRA–Australian agriculture minister
Joe Ludwig on July 7, 2011 lifted a 38-day
suspension of live cattle exports to 11 specific
Indonesian slaughterhouses and a 30-day
suspension of live cattle exports to anywhere in
Indonesia without visibly and demonstrably
accomplishing anything to improve animal welfare.
Ludwig on June 8, 2011 announced a
six-month suspension of livestock exports to
Indonesia, and a review of live exports to all
overseas buyers, including those in the Middle
East. Ludwig had suspended exports to the 11
specific slaughterhouses on June 1, 2011, hours
after the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
program Four Corners aired video documentation of
alleged halal slaughtering procedures in Jakarta,
Bogor, Bandar Lampung, and Medan which “crossed
the boundaries of ignorance and cultural
difference into the realm of sadistic brutality,”
assessed Penelope Debelle of the Adelaide Advertiser.

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Australia halts cattle sales to 11 Indonesian abattoirs

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2011:
CANBERRA–Australian agriculture minister
Joe Ludwig on June 1, 2011 suspended live cattle
exports from Australia to 11 Indonesian
slaughterhouses, and warned that exports to more
slaughterhouses may be suspended as an
investigation proceeds. “I will appoint an
independent reviewer to investigate the complete
supply chain for live exports up to and including
the point of slaughter,” Ludwig told media.
Ludwig acted within hours after the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation program Four
Corners aired undercover video collected by
Animals Australia campaign director Lyn White, a
former police officer, during investigations at
the 11 randomly selected halal slaughterhouses in
Jakarta, Bogor, Bandar Lampung, and Medan in
March 2011.

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Flood rescues in Australia, Sri Lanka, Africa driven by La Niña

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2011:
Climate change has more than doubled the
risk of flooding since 1950, two new studies
agreed in the February 16, 2011 edition of
“For years scientists have said that
global warming would likely cause extremes in
temperatures and rainfall. But this is the first
time researchers have been able to point to a
demonstrable cause-and-effect,” assessed
Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press writer
Seth Borenstein.

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WikiLeaks show Australia favored Japanese story of Ady Gil sinking (VIDEO)

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  January/February 2011:


MELBOURNE--“Embassy cables,  obtained by WikiLeaks and provided exclusively to The Age,”  show that Australian diplomats quickly defended the Japanese whalers whose ship Shonan Maru #2 cut the bow off the high-speed anti-whaling vessel Ady Gil on January 6, 2010,  reported Philip Dorling of the Melbourne Age on January 8, 2011. Read more

Shooters Party tries to force hunting in parks of NSW, Australia

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2009:


SYDNEY–“We won’t be looking at hunting in national parks,”
New South Wales environment minister John Robertson told reporters on
October 28, 2009, but pledged to “do more to deal with feral
animals in our national parks.”
Robertson’s statement came a week after NSW prime minister
Nathan Rees suggested that the nominally governing Labor Party might
cut a deal with the two-seat Shooters Party to allow hunters to cull
“vermin and feral animals.”

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Horse racing casualties

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2009:
MELBOURNE, Australia–The Racing Victoria Limited Board
suspended jumps racing for 11 days in May 2009, after seven horses
in two weeks were euthanized due to injuries suffered in jumps
competition of training, including three in two days at the
Warrnambool May Racing Carnival.
Racing minister Rob Hulls lifted the suspension on May 18,
after intensive lobbying by the Victorian Jumps Racing Association.
However, Racing Victoria Ltd. on May 11 suspended four-time Grand
Annual Steeplechase winning rider David “Butch” Londregan, now a
trainer, for threatening in a radio interview to shoot his horses
and send their heads to Hulls.

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Australian Bushfire Victims

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2009:

Chris Towie, M.D. 53, was killed by bushfire on his land
at Reedy Creek, near Broadford, Australia, on February 7, 2009.
“It is believed he was trying to save his animals,” reported the
Melbourne Herald-Sun. Partially deaf, Towie was known for
confronting bureaucracy on behalf of immigrants, the disabled, and
the disadvantaged, and for demanding that more be done to fight
methadrine addiction. Animals were also among his priorities.
“Every animal he found he took home,” Broadmeadows medical clinic
manager Cheryl Ferguson told Carol Nader of the Melbourne Age. The
animals whom Towie died defending reportedly included several camels,
emus, horses, a pony, five dogs, and many birds.

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