Pigeon shoots done at Wing Pointe?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  October 2013: (Actually published on November 20,  2013.) 

HAMBURG,  Pennsylvania––Cancelling three pigeon shoots in six weeks,    the Wing Pointe Hunt Club appears to have quit hosting pigeon shoots,  Showing Animals Respect & Kindness founder Steve Hindi announced on October 24,  2013. Protesting against pigeon shoots at Wing Pointe since 2010,  SHARK arrived for a scheduled shoot on September 20,  2013,   Hindi said,  “to document and expose it,  and to rescue and treat as many victims as possible.  A few hours into our wait for any activity,  a Wing Pointe worker told us that there was no shoot,  and that there would be no more pigeon shoots.  He said the shoots are moving to the northern part of the state.  Wing Pointe pigeon shoot attendees used to number over 100,”  Hindi added,  “but in recent times it has fallen to about a dozen hardcores.”   Pigeon shoots continue at the Philadelphia Gun Club and the undisclosed upstate location. An October 2013 poll by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research found that 75% of Pennsylvanians would like to ban pigeon shoots,  with only 16% opposing a ban. “That majority extended across men,  women,  Democrats,  Republicans and independents,”  wrote Alex Wigglesworth for Philly.com.  “When asked whether live pigeon shoots were ‘a tradition that should be preserved’ or ‘an unnecessary form of animal cruelty,’  83% agreed with the latter.  Bills have been reintroduced during every state legislative session in the past 26 years to ban live pigeon shoots,”  Wigglesworth recalled.  “but the legislation hasn’t been voted on as a free-standing bill since 1989.”

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