BOOKS—Rotten, by Michael Northrop

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  September 2013: (Actually published on October 8,  2013)

Rotten   by Michael Northrop  Scholastic Books (,  2013.   256 pages,  hardcover.  $17.99.

As a child I was enthralled by dog stories,  including Eric Knight’s Lassie, Come Home,  Jack London’s Call of the Wild,  and the entire Albert Payson Terhune series of books about collies. My favorite dog stories were set in different places, but had in common dog protagonists whose comfortable bourgeois lives were disrupted,  pitching them,  alone,  into a cruel outer world.  On the surface,  the stories were mainly about dogs,  but the larger message concerned the positive personal attributes that dogs can demonstrate to people.  Read more

New “anti-dog meat” groups favoring legalization perplex veteran campaigners

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  September 2013: (Actually published on October 8,  2013)

LONDON,  OAKLAND,  HONG KONG,  PHUKET–– Months of question-provoking activity by entities using the names No To Dog Meat and World Protection for Cats & Dogs in the Meat Trade took a twist on September 20,  2013 with an apparent split between them,  announced on Facebook. Read more

BOOKS—The Dog Who Danced

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  September 2013: (Actually published on October 8,  2013)

The Dog Who Danced by Susan Wilson St. Martin’s Griffin (175 Fifth Ave.,  New York,  NY  10010),  2013. 328 pages,  paperback.  $14.99.

The Dog Who Danced is not just a novel about a dog,  though it centers on a lovable Sheltie named Mack.  It’s a drama about a woman’s desperation to find her lost dog,  with twists and turns that include family turmoil,  the sting of failed relationships,  a teen’s inability to cope with his mother’s unsettled lifestyle,  and a couple’s tragic loss of their only child.  Read more

Vietnam agrees to five-year suspension of dog imports to control rabies

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  September 2013: (Actually published on October 8,  2013)

HANOI––“After two days of sometimes difficult negotiation and discussion,  representatives from the governments of Thailand,  Vietnam, Laos,  and Cambodia meeting in Hanoi,  Vietnam,  have agreed to a five-point program, to end the dog meat trade and eliminate rabies, including a five-year ban on the import of dogs from other countries into Vietnam,”  Soi Dog Foundation president John Dalley announced on August 29,  2013. Read more

Letters [Sept. 2013]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  September 2013: (Actually published on October 8,  2013)


ACC&D coverage

Many thanks for the ANIMAL PEOPLE coverage of the 2013 Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs conference––very useful.   I will post a link, since we often get questions about “why still surgery?” ––Robert Blumberg Friends of the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance 34 Maximo Court Danville,  CA  94506 <> Read more

Legislation advances to protect Spanish bullfighting as cultural heritage

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  September 2013: (Actually published on October 8,  2013)

MADRID––Legislation to protect bullfighting as part of the cultural identity of Spain,  pushed by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of the center-right Popular Party,  moved closer to passage on October 2,  2013 when endorsed by the parliamentary culture committee by a vote of 24-6,  with 14 abstentions. Read more

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