Obituaries (July-August 2013)

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  July-August 2013:


“I come to bury Caesar,  not to praise him.  The evil men do lives after them.   The good is oft interred with their bones.”  ––William Shakespeare

Jan Worrell,  87,  a longtime resident of Pasadena,  Maryland,  died on June 23,  2013 at the Baltimore-Washington Medical Center. “Marjanet  Ann ‘Jan’ Worrell served as  a missionary in India for more than 13 years,”  recalled Nicky Ratliff,   executive director of the Humane Society of Carroll County.  “She retired in 1992 after 18 years as the head of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control in Glen Bernie.  Her shelter had the best computerized animal tracking system in Maryland,  long before there were commercial systems widely available.  She and six others formed the Professional Animal Workers of Maryland in the mid-1970s,  and began to provide training [for animal control personnel] with the help of the University of Maryland and local veterinarians.  PAWS is still benefiting those of us who continue the work she loved,”  Ratliff added. Jim Buck,  81,   believed to have been the first professional dog-walker in New York City,  died on July 4,  2013.  A former horse trainer and breeder of Great Danes,  Buck ran his dog-walking business out of Jim Buck’s School for Dogs, founded in 1963.  At peak Buck and two dozen assistants walked more than 150 dogs a day,  recounted Margalit Fox of The New York Times.  Jim Buck’s School for Dogs closed with his retirement in 2003.

Linda Sue Oliver,  63,  of Dayton,  Texas,  was killed on July 1,  2013 by a Rottweiler she had adopted two weeks earlier as a stray.   Oliver,  owner of Linda’s Dog Grooming,  with locations in Dayton and Sheldon,  telephoned her husband Leland Oliver after she was mauled,  but was reportedly able only to say she had been bitten before the line went dead.  Leland Oliver called the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department,  who found her remains.  The Rottweiler attacked the responding emergency medical technicians and sheriff’s deputy.  Shot but not killed by the sheriff’s deputy, the Rottweiler remained at large for nearly two more days before charging another deputy,  who fatally shot him.

Shirley Brown,  79,  a longtime ANIMAL PEOPLE reader in San Diego,  California,  recently died after a five-week hospital stay,  according to neighbor Robert Rooks,  DVM.  Her estate is to benefit the Animal Welfare Foundation,  a pet sterilization program operating in El Cajon,  California,  Rooks said. 

Vasile Cenac,  65,  poundmaster in Galati,  Romania,  for more than 10 years,  died on June 3,  2013 while facing litigation pertaining to his representation of aid received from nonprofit organizations.  Cenac retired in 2012.

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