New Jersey governor Christie vetoes gestation stall ban

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  July-August 2013:

TRENTON––New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) on June 1,  2013 vetoed a bill approved by the state legislature in May 2013 which would have banned the use of gestation stalls to confine pregnant and nursing sows.  

Nine states have passed similar legislation,  including Arizona,  California,  Colorado,   Florida,   Maine,  Michigan,  Ohio, Oregon,  and Rhode Island.  In addition,  also on June 1,  2013,  the National Farm Animal Care Council of Canada published a draft “Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs” that would phase out most use of gestation staffs by July 1,  2024, by requiring new pig barns to be built to accommodate other ways of raising pigs.

The National Farm Animal Care Council of Canada recommendations came just over a month after the Retail Council of Canada agreed to phase out pork purchases from producers who use gestation stalls.  The Retail Council of Canada includes the grocery store chains Co-op Atlantic,  Canada Safeway,  Costco Wholesale Canada,  Federated Co-operatives,  Loblaw Companies,  Metro,  Sobeys,  and Wal-Mart Canada.

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