Biotech firm allegedly hid goats

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  March 2013:

SANTA CRUZ,  California––The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Stop Animal Experimentation Now on January 17, 2013 asked Santa Cruz County Court for a permanent injunction ordering Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc. to cease violating the federal Animal Welfare Act by allegedly neglecting goats used to produce antibodies. The lawsuit was filed three days after the Animal Welfare Institute asked Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to revoke the Santa Cruz Biotech permits to deal in live animals,  and asked National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins to require Santa Cruz Biotech to submit a statement of compliance with the Animal Welfare Act as a condition for supplying antibodies to NIH-funded researchers. The USDA filed Animal Welfare Act charges against Santa Cruz Biotech in September 2012,  then learned that the company had since 2009 kept 841 goats at a separate site,  nine miles away,  which had reportedly never been inspected because the company had not told the USDA that the facility existed.

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