Big Cat Rescue wins $953,000 judgement against traveling exhibitor

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  March 2013:

TAMPA,  Fla––U.S. District Court Judge Mary Stenson Scriven on February 8,  2013 ruled that Oklahoma wildlife exhibitor Joe Schreibvogel,  doing business as Entertainment Group.  Inc. and G.W. Exotic Memorial Animal Foundation, has since 2010 infringed on copyrights and trademarks belonging to Big Cat Rescue,  of Tampa,  Florida,  by using photos belonging to Big Cat Rescue and a logo similar to that of Big Cat Rescue to promote his shows under the name “Big Cat Rescue Entertainment.”  Scriven at the same time dismissed counterclaims filed by Schreibvogel.  Scriven awarded Big Cat Rescue damages of $653,000 plus $300,000 for legal expenses.       “Rather than face us in two trials where he had nothing to gain and a lot to lose, Schreibvogel agreed to a Consent Final Judgment,”  Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin told supporters. “How this plays out in terms of collecting the judgment remains to be seen,”  Baskin added.  “There are some scenarios in which this may turn out to be a benefit to the animals” in Schreibvogel’s custody.

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