People & Positions (Nov-Dec 2012]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  November/December 2012:

People & positions

Kathleen Savesky,  board chair of the International Fund for Animal Welfare since June 29,  2012,  on October 31,  2012 announced that Fred O’Regan will not return as IFAW president after a six-month leave.  Azzedine Downes,  interim chief executive since July 2012, is to remain in that capacity until O’Regan’s successor is announced. Savesky succeeded 10-year IFAW board chair Thomas C. Ramey.  Savesky formerly headed the Bosack & Kruger Foundation and the Peninsula Humane Society,  of San Mateo,  California.

Major general (retired) Peter Davies,  chair of the Marjan Centre for the Study of Conflict & Conservation,  and soon to retire as board chair of the Brooke Hospital for Animals,  was on October 10,  2012 elected president of Eurogroup for Animals,  succeeding John Rolls.  Davies was for 11 years director general of the Royal SPCA of Britain,  and was for six years director general of the World Society for the Protection of Animals.  Eurogroup on November 30, 2012 announced that Reineke Hameleers will succeed Sonja Van Tichelen as chief executive.  Van Tichelen is now European Union director for IFAW.  Hameleers has since 2008 headed the Limburg section of the Dutch SPCA.

Sean Hawkins,  previously founder of several spay/neuter projects and director of strategic partnerships for the American Humane Association,  in October 2012 succeeded Warren Cox,  who retired in September,  as director of the SPCA of Florida in Lakeland.

Rob Atkinson,  who succeeded founder Carol Buckley as chief executive of the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald,  Tennessee in September 2010,  resigned on September 24,  2012.  Atkinson was previously head of wildlife issues for the Royal SPCA of Britain, and scientific advisor to the Coalition for Captive Elephant Well-Being.  His successor at the Elephant Sanctuary was not immediately named.

Karen Green,  formerly senior director of the Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs,  in Portland,  Oregon,  has crossed town to head the Cat Adoption Team shelter.

Catherine Doyle,  previously elephant campaign director for In Defense of Animals,  was on November 1,  2012 introduced as director of science,  research,  and advocacy for the Performing Animal Welfare Society.

Marc A. Peralta,  interim executive director for six months at the Pennsylvania SPCA,  on December 10,  2012 became executive director of No Kill Los Angeles.  “In addition to working with the coalition,”  announced the Best Friends Animal Society,  “Peralta will manage the Best Friends Adoption and Spay-Neuter Center in Mission Hills,  California,”  which occupies a shelter leased from Los Angeles Animal Services.

Peter Costa,  cofounder of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control and World Rabies Day in 2007,  has left GARC to become vice provost for student affairs at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

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