From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  October 2012: (Actually published on November 1,  2012.)

“I come to bury Caesar,  not to praise him.  The evil that men do lives after them.  The good is oft interred with their bones.”–William Shakespeare
Kelly Ann Rada,  DVM,  38,  medical director for Humane Ohio, died unexpectedly of an unknown cause on September 26,  2012.  Rada became acquainted with Humane Ohio founder Aimee St. Arnaud while volunteering to assist feral cat neuter/return projects while attending the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating in 2002,  Rada served as shelter vet for the Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus,  Ohio,  and the Flagler Humane Society in Palm Coast,  Florida.  Founding a practice called Shelter Vet to Go,  Rada participated in dog and cat sterilization campaigns organized by animal charities from Jacksonville to Miami.  Rada relocated Shelter Vet to Go to Toledo in 2010.  As well as working for Humane Ohio,  Rada was a consultant for the Lucas County Dog Warden’s office and did sterilizations and vaccinations for the Lucas County Pit Crew,  a pit bull rescue agency.  “I briefly worked with her on a Florida microchipping issue and she was tremendously helpful,”  recalled Janet Winikoff,  director of education for the Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian River County.  Several people at my shelter knew her when she helped our shelter in 2006 during an outbreak of canine flu.”  Humane Ohio has established a memorial fund in Rada’s name to help sterilize and treat feral cats,  and help send University of Florida and Ohio State University veterinary students to receive dog and cat sterilization training from the Humane Alliance,  in Asheville,  North Carolina. Penny Adams,  73,  “died October 2,  2012 from health complications that led to a heart attack,”  reported Karen Pearlman of the U-T San Diego news web site.  Born Penelope Ann Pelkey in Weymouth,  Massachusetts,  Adams moved to San Diego in 1959.  A longtime waitress and hospital volunteer,  Adams started the Foundation for the Care of Indigent Animals in nearby Spring Valley in 1981.  “Penny has been a valued partner with our agency for over 25 years and is responsible for saving countless animal lives,” recalled San Diego County Department of Animal Services director Dawn Danielson.  Added Ginny Bischel of Eastlake Veterinary Clinic, “Saving the lives of shelter animals was her passion and she made it a priority.”  Added San Diego Animal Advocates president Jane Cartmill,  “Penny was a remarkable and selfless rescuer who also contributed to the veterinary bills of many people who could not afford care for their animals.  She also maintained an aviary for injured doves who could not be returned to the wild.”
 Mary Jo Hunt,  54,  of Pembroke,  North Carolina,  was killed on October 2,  2012 while trying to break up a fight among several rescued dogs in the yard of a home she shared with her sister Deborah Jacobs.  Hunt and Jacobs both fostered dogs for Robeson County Claws & Paws Rescue.  Seven  pit bulls and two German shepherds were reportedly impounded from the scene by Robeson County Animal Control, assisted by animal control officers from Maxton,  Pembroke and Lumberton.  Hunt was formerly a secretary for attorney Hubert N. Rogers in Lumberton.

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