International data

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2012:

International data

The United Kingdom data below was collected by the ninth annual Dogs Trust survey of U.K. dog wardens, and does not include dogs who are killed after surrender to nonprofit humane societies–believed to be about half of the actual total of dogs killed by U.K. shelters. The data from Belgium, Kyryzstan, Pakistan, and Ukraine was collected in 2010 by the United Nations Food & Agricultural Organization. The remainder was collected by ANIMAL PEOPLE, in the same manner as the accompanying U.S. data. Only the Canadian and Japanese totals include cats, who are not commonly impounded in the other nations whose data is presented.  Many of the differences in the rates of animal control dog killing from nation to nation are attributable to differences in national ratios of dogs to humans. Known dogs-to-people ratios in the listed nations include: Canada 1/10; Japan 1/13; Ukraine 1/15; United Kingdom 1/9. TheFAO believes the global ratio to be 1/16. Ratios of dogs killed for animal control to total dogs among the listed nations include: Canada 1/237; Japan 1/321; Ukraine 1/5; U.K. 1/1,060; U.S. 1/46.

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