AHA rebuilding staff

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  March 2012:

AHA rebuilds staff

WASHINGTON D.C.— American Humane Association president Robin Ganzert on January 18,  2012 announced the hirings of former Morris Animal Foundation executive vice president  Paul Raybould as senior philanthropic advisor  and of Sean Hawkins as director of strategic partnerships.

Founder of the Spay/ Neuter Assistance Program and later Saving Animals Across Borders (now defunct) in Houston,  Hawkins was later executive director of the California-based Cesar & Ilusion Millan Foundation.

Rebuilding staff after relocating from Englewood,  Colo-rado to Washington D.C. in February 2011,  selling the former AHA head office for $2.7 million in September 2011,  the AHA also announced that ten other executive positions have been filled,   four through hiring,  six by promotion.

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