AAPN changes guard

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  March 2012:

AAPN changes guard

HONG KONG“Lisa Warden has kindly agreed to take over the role of moderator of the Asian Animal Protection Network Forum, starting March 1,”   AAPN founder John Wedderburn,  M.D.,  on February 14,  2012 e-mailed to members.  “John Edmundson will take over the rest of AAPN,  including the web site,  and bring it into the 21st century.”

Anticipating retirement to Indonesia,  Wedderburn,  70, relocated from Scotland to Hong Kong in 1973.  Becoming involved in animal advocacy in 1987,  Wedderburn founded the AAPN Forum in November 2000.   The first listserve for animal advocates focused on Asian issues,   the now-759-member AAPN Forum facilitated the discussions and introductions that helped to create a constellation of other Asian organizations and projects,  especially in China. Along the way Wedderburn served on the boards of at least six other animal charities and fought a landmark court case against the Hong Kong Agriculture,  Fisheries and Conservation Department on behalf of neuter/return street dog control.

Warden has lived at various times in India,  Pakistan, Vietnam,  and Indonesia.  Her animal advocacy work has included helping to coordinate an anti-rabies campaign for ABC India in 2011; seeking reform of the faltering Animal Birth Control and municipal animal control programs in Ahmedabad,  India in 2009-2010;  and seeking reform of the 105-year-old Kakinada SPCA in Andhra Pradesh state,  India,  in 2008.
Edmundson,  of Hong Kong,  has participated in the AAPN Forum since 2007.

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