Awards & Honors

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  November/December 2011:

The Animal Welfare Institute has honored Wayne County,
Michigan assistant prosecutors Raj Prasad and Amy Slameka with the
Albert Schweitzer Award for sending two men who burned a dog alive to
prison.   The Nobel Peace Prize-winning humanitarian Albert
Schweitzer,  1875-1965,  in 1951 authorized AWI to present the annual

Ric O’Barry,  who on Earth Day 1970 switched from training
dolphins to campaigning against dolphin captivity,  on November 10,
2011 received a Bambi Award for media accomplishment.  Founded in
1948,  the Bambi Award program is in Europe comparable to the Oscar
program in the U.S.

The American SPCA on November 17,  2011 honored Mittens, a
cat who returned to her kittens after two teenagers set her on fire;
a therapeutic surfing dog named Ricochet; and Stevie Nelson, a
six-year-old who raised $28,000 for the Northeast Nebraska Humane

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