Animal sheltering

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  November/December 2011:

An allegedly speeding drunk driver and three passengers were
unhurt after flying off an overpass and crashing through the roof of
the Friendicoes animal shelter in New Delhi,  India,  at 1:30 a.m. on
November 23,  2011,   but a puppy was killed,  22 dogs were injured,
and the shelter required urgent repairs at estimated cost of $47,000.
The accident came less than a month after the death of Gautam Barat,
Friendicoes’ shelter manager since 1980.  (Obituary on page 18.)

St. Johns (Newfoundland) SPCA executive director Debbie
Powers,  a 40-year volunteer,  and shelter manager Susan Deir,  a
22-year employee,  resigned after an October 15,  2011 annual meeting
at which board president David Buffett,  vice president Libby Carew,
and past president Kathy Hodgkinson were replaced by an alleged
“no-kill” slate.  Jessica Rendell,  president of the local no-kill
organization Heavenly Creatures,  denied having orchestrated an
attempted takeover.  “I can say that we’re going to try to reduce
euthanasia rates.  Are we going to eliminate euthanasia?  We don’t
think that’s going to be achievable,”  new president Lynn Cadigan
told CBC News.

Jessica Isenhour,  33,  founder of the North Carolina rescue
Saving Fur Kids,  is due in Lambertville (New Jersey) Municipal
Court on December 21,  2011 to face eight civil and seven criminal
charges brought by the New Jersey SPCA,  alleging translocation of
dogs who were seriously ill.  The New Jersey SPCA contends Isenhour
was operating for profit in the guise of rescuing.

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