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From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  October 2011:

Dick Green,  who formerly headed disaster relief operations for the American Humane Association and International Fund for Animal Welfare,  was on October 10,  2011 named director of disaster response for the American SPCA.  After helping in the 2005 Hurricane Katrina rescue effort,  Green in 2006 founded the 13-organization National Animal Rescue & Sheltering Coalition.  The coalition has helped to coordinate response to about two dozen disasters.  Green has led disaster relief missions to India,  Japan,  and Pakistan.

Liam Hughes,  40,  in September 2011 succeeded Maine state Animal Welfare Program founding director Norma Worley,  who retired in January 2011.   Hughes was previously director of animal control field services and interim shelter director for the Washington Humane Society in Washington,  D.C.;  animal care supervisor at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter in Wyoming;  and an animal control officer and cruelty investigator for the Ocean City Humane Society in New Jersey. Hughes,  often photographed with his pit bull terrier,  “is a carnivore and says he doesn’t have an opinion on whether animals have rights,”  reported Beth Quimby of Maine Today.

Andrea Kilkenny,  formerly employed by the Animal Farm Foundation pit bull sanctuary in Dutchess County,  New York,  was on September 15,  2011 hired to manage the John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals in Bloomfield,  New Jersey.  Kilkenny succeeds Romel Fernandez,  who resigned after months of conflict with volunteers and the city board of health,  which has oversight of the shelter.

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