RSPCA honors Nick Jukes, Wu Hung, & Jill Robinson

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  September 2011:

LONDON-The Royal SPCA of Britain on September 3,  2011 honored InterNICHE coordinator Nick Jukes and Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan founder Wu Hung with the Lord Erskine Silver Award for outstanding contributions to animal welfare.  The award is named in memory of the member of the House of Lords who in 1822 secured passage of a bill “to prevent the cruel and improper treatment of cattle,”  introduced by Richard “Humanity Dick” Martin.

Jukes,  author of From Guinea Pig to Computer Mouse: Alternative Methods for a Progressive, Humane Edu-cation (2003),  has for more than a decade traveled the world demonstrating alternatives to animal use in teaching,  testing,  and experimentation. InterNICHE often donates the materials that institutions in the developing world need to start using non-animal methods.

Wu Hung,  a Buddhist monk,  is widely seen as founder of the Taiwanese animal rights movement.
An award in memory of William Wilburforce,  a colleague of Erskine and Martin who cofounded the RSPA in 1824,  was presented to Animals Asia Foundation founder Jill Robinson.

Wilburforce,  who earlier led the struggle to abolish the slave trade within the British Empire,  achieved in 1807,  was subject of the 2007 film Amazing Grace.

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