From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 1995:

COVENTRY, United Kingdom––Two months of protest against the export of
calves from Britain to the European continent has so far claimed six human lives––two
British animal handlers and three Algerian crew members aboard a chartered Air Algerie
Boeing 737 that crashed December 21 while returning from The Netherlands, plus protester
Jill Phipps, 31, crushed beneath a cattle truck on February 1 at the feet of her mother Nancy
and her close friend Gill Gates.
“She was obviously in immense agony, but she did not scream,” said Gates. “I
don’t think she could. The silence was worse than if she had been crying.”
Phipps was among 30 to 40 demonstrators who tried to block delivery of 97 veal
calves to a Russian plane chartered by the Coventry-based firm Phoenix Aviation for an
evening flight to Amsterdam. British cattle breeders turned to sending calves by air last year,

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