From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1992:

Citing fear of liability if they
should inadvertantly euthanize a pet, under
a new state law directed at pet thieves, the
Oregon Humane Society and Multnomah
County Animal Control now refuse to
accept cats brought to them by private citi-
zens and independent groups who trap ferals
and strays. The Portland-based group
Committed to Animal Protection,
Education, and Rescue charges, however,
that fundraising tactics are involved.
CAPER cites a letter from OHS staffer
Sharon Harmon, who wrote, “Despite the
services provided by OHS (to cats brought
in by independent rescuers), we received no
cash donations for their care. If we had
made contact with the owner or finder at the
time of surrender, by modest estimation, we
could have potentially realized $18,000 in

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